Professional Practice of Rehabilitation Counseling

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Based on the Handbook of Rehabilitation Counseling (Rigger/Maki 2004), this new volume has been completely revised and updated to accommodate the overarching changes that have recently occurred in the field. It reflects the new, accepted definition of rehabilitation counseling as a specialization within the field of counseling and demonstrates how the knowledge, skills and attitudes of rehabilitation counseling complement those of mental health counseling.

The volume now includes an increased emphasis on education in general counseling, and mental health and substance abuse counseling; empirically supported practice; and a focus on the globalization of professional practice in rehabilitation counseling. It has been organized within a new conceptual framework for ease of use, and is based on the authors’ ecological model that is a core framework for the book and the field itself.

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Source: Chan, F., Sung, C., Muller, V., Wang, C.C., Fujikawa, M., & Anderson, C.A. (2011). Evidence-based practice and research utilization. In D. Maki, & Tarvydas, V.M. (Eds.), Professional practice of rehabilitation counseling (pp. 391-412). New York: Springer Publishing Company.

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