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Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors Speak: Preliminary Findings

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The RRTC-EBP-VR recently completed a study to learn what vocational rehabilitation (VR) counselors need to enable them to better implement evidence-based practices into their rehabilitation plans when working within the state-federal VR program. The title of the survey is “Engaging Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors in Knowledge Translation (KT) Processes: A Participatory Action Approach.”

The survey was sent to VR Counselors nationally in cooperation with CSAVR (Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation). 938 persons responded: 87% of these indicated a working title of “Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor,” the remaining 13% identified themselves as having job titles that included District and Area Managers, Supervisors, Specialists, and Case Coordinators.

We are using this information to drive research and develop training materials needed by VR counselors.  Click on the question below to find out what VR Counselors are saying:

In what areas related to EBP in Vocational Rehabilitation do you believe you would benefit from receiving more information and training?

In which areas do you believe training in EBP could help you perform your job differently?

What challenges do you face when using online resources?

How can information provided through the RRTC-EBP-VR be of value?

Do you have comments or questions about this survey?  If so, contact us using the form below, or call us at 855-820-3929

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