Our mission is to develop evidence-based knowledge and tools for vocational rehabilitation practitioners that will improve employment rates, and quality of employment, for people with disabilities.  We hope you’ll be able to join us for an online training opportunity, or at an upcoming conference where we can meet you and share information in person.

Online Training

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State-of-the-Science Re-Cap

RRTC-EBP VR State of the Science Presenters

RRTC-EBP VR State of the Science presenters, from left to right: John Lui, Michael Lehy, Fong Chan.

Members of the RRTC-EBP VR research team presented on April 8 & 9, 2014 in Bethesda, MD on the theme of “Advancing Evidence-Based Practices and Policies to Close the Employment Gap.” Vocational rehabilitation professionals received information to improve employment rates and quality of employment outcomes within the state/federal vocational rehabilitation system. Presentations topics included:

Please click on the links below to access conference handouts:

Call 855-820-3929 or email research2vrpractice@gmail.com if you would like additional information.

Communities of Practice: Translating Knowledge for Rehabilitation Professionals

14th Annual National Rehabilitation Educators Conference National Council on Rehabilitation Education (NCRE) March 12-14, 2014  — Manhattan Beach, CA This interactive session will presented recent research on the use of Communities of Practice (CoP) as a knowledge translation (KT) tool and provided a brief overview of the role CoP plays in bridging the gap between research and practice. We explored how CoPs could serve both as a platform for consumers, educators, researchers, counselors, and employers to develop and implement evidence-based practices and as a way to measure the “success” of KT strategies.

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