Research Initiatives

The research initiative currently underway focuses on identifying promising practices that improve employment rates, and quality of employment, for people with disabilities who receive vocational rehabilitation (VR) services from state agencies. In addition, it identifies state VR agencies most respected for their best management and VR service delivery practices to improve employment outcomes of subpopulations with the lowest employment.

Future Research Initiatives

Future research initiatives will address the need to develop new knowledge regarding best practice models of effective VR service delivery. Studies will be designed to address the questions of “What are the best models of effective practice, policy and procedures among state VR agencies that result in the effective delivery of services to assist individuals with disabilities to achieve employment outcomes?” and “What are the specific best practices approaches that appear to be evidence-based and transportable to other state VR agencies?

The final phase of this RRTC’s research will validate the International Classification of Function & Disability (ICF) specifically as a model for VR counselors to enhance the effectiveness of their service delivery practice.

As part of this phase we will develop brief but reliable and valid screening instruments that counselors can use to quickly assess their customers’ functioning, activity levels, personal strengths, and facilitators and barriers in the environment. This will help them to better conceptualize their assessment, planning, and service needs for employment success and full integration of persons with disabilities into society.

Research Suggestions

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